There is no floor more naturally beautiful than a site-finished wood floor. Sanding and finishing a hardwood floor takes expensive specialty tools and expert craftsmanship. This craftsmanship is what Timberwolf has built its name upon. Here’s what you can expect when you hire us to sand and finish your wood floors.

Preparation: We take the time to tape off edges of carpeting and other adjacent floors, remove doors, plastic off areas to create a dust barrier, and remove baseboards or base shoe/quarter round (if this option was selected during the estimation process).



Sanding: The goal during the sanding process is to remove all existing finish and create a flat, smooth surface. To accomplish this, we use heavy duty machinery and abrasives. All of our sanders are connected to vacuums, so you will be pleasantly surprised at how little dust is raised. During the sanding process, you can still be in your home but it will be noisy! Here is Craig posing with some of our sanding equipment:


Here’s Austin and Mike showing off their sanding skills:








The fun part! During the sanding process, we will determine the type of stain and finish you would like on your floors. Will you choose Natural or stain? Gloss or matte? WOCA or Polyurethane?

The best way to do this is to put sample swatches directly on your floor; you can see how the stain looks on your unique batch of wood, against your trim and wall colors, and in your lighting. Of course, we will sand them off once your decision is made.




Finishing: Once the floor has been sanded, it is time to eliminate any dust in the area by vacuum and tack cloth. The surface is now ready for the finishes you decided on. Depending on the choice, you will need to be off of the floor (and potentially out of the house) for 24 to 48 hours, so we can work our magic.

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How long until…?: Once your final coat of finish has been applied, it needs time to cure. Here are our recommended guidelines.

Water-based Polyurethane: 3 hours until stocking feet, furniture and pets after 24 hours, rugs after 5 days, fully cured after 7 days

Oil-based Polyurethane: 24 hours until stocking feet, pets and furniture after 48 hours, rugs after 10 days, fully cured after 14 days

WOCA: pets, people, and furniture on after 24 hours, no moisture or rugs for 5 days, after 10 days mop the floors with your WOCA soap. This soaping will get rid of the thin layer of excess oil across the surface of your floors.

Here are our guidelines for subsequent maintenance of your wood floors.

Client Responsibilities: Please remove all items from the floors and walls from our work space and ensure we have access to your electrical panel. If you need help moving certain items, we are happy to offer our services. Afterwards, some cleaning and paint touch up may be necessary, as we are running heavy sanding equipment in your home.